Guinot Facial Treatments

Guinot products and treatments are developed by leading French scientists and are constantly reviewed to take account of the latest scientific discoveries and the newest, most effective active principles.

Using active ingredients taken from nature and developed into luxuriously effective products to suit every skin type.

Skin diagnosis by a Guinot expert is complementary.

Great Value, Great Price

Hydraclean, Deep Cleanse (30 minutes)

The 30 minute deep cleansing treatment for busy people, with a 97% reduction in size of blemishes with sebum gel.


Guinot Prescription Facial (45 minutes)

Designed by your therapist to address your skin concerns.


Hydradermie, The Star Facial Treatment (75 minutes)

A deep-cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating treatment that applies two micro-therapeutic currents. Firstly to deeply infuse active ingredients into the pores of the skin and secondly to increase micro-circulation as well as oxygenate the skin cells. Correcting skin problems from inside-out leaving your face and décolletage with renewed beauty.


Hydra Lift, The Non-Surgical Facelift (60 minutes)

Look younger and have firmer skin without going near a needle or knife. The Hydradermie Lift uses micro-currents to boost lymphatic drainage, stimulate the facial muscles to give them new tone and exert an instant lifting effect on the features. It's a toning workout for your face.


Aromatic Facial, The Magic of Plants (60 minutes)

Find tranquil beauty with this unique method that combines the benefits of powerful essential oils and plant extracts. Your Guinot beauty expert customises the treatment with a refreshing peel off mask to suit your beauty requirements, then a de-stressing and tension reducing pressure point massage in an atmosphere of magical fragrances to complete this amazing facial. Very relaxing.


Beauté Neuve Facial, Double Peeling (60 minutes)

Ideal for anyone in need of a renewing treatment, especially for skin that is dull, lifeless, pigmented, dehydrated, oily or prone to blemishing. A peeling treatment that uses glycolic and fruit acids, plus pure vitamin C to exfoliate surface layers of your skin accelerating cellular renewal, revealing a new beauty and leaving the complexion clear, clean and glowing. An instant pick me up!


Liftosome Facial, Rejuvenating & Lifting (60 minutes)

This treatment firms, tightens and rejuvenates by combining thermal heat, cellular stimulants, citrus and ginseng extracts together with vitamins E, F and C to boost the production of collagen fibres that reinforce the structure of the skin. A firming massage follows to soothe the skin and leave it radiant and energized.



Hi-Frequency Oxygenation

Boost your treatment with high frequency action to oxygenate and energise the cells, as well as create an antibacterial healing effect.


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